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Flexi Hose
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as seen on tv, flexi hose
FLEXI HOSE 50 Foot on Reel

The compact, lightweight garden hose that always stays neat and orderly! As seen on TV! No more heavy, tangled hoses! Now thereís the FLEXIHOSE Ė the light and compact hose you can take and store practically anywhere. Based on the same principle thatís been used for years on fire hoses, itís made from a flexible material that stays flat until you turn on the water. Then it expands to allow a full unobstructed flow. Comes with its own built-in reel so you can quickly uncoil all the hose you need, even if you live in an apartment! Plus, youíll get the Quick Connect adapter as a FREE BONUS! Lets you easily connect or disconnect your hose from just about any faucet or water spout. The Flexihose features:
So tough and durable, it can tow a car! Comes with a full 50 feet of hose and built-in reel! Includes spray gun with special chamber for adding soap or fertilizer! Get the Quick Connect adapter as a free bonus!

Comparable Price $38.90
WTW Price $14.99