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Eurossage Pro Massager
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as seen on tv, eurossage pro massager

Eurossage Pro massager is a compact yet powerful percussive massager that helps eliminate tension and knots within seconds, and puts the power of percussive massage in your own hand. Eurossage Pro massager is a handheld penetrating massager that can be used to relieve discomfort from sore and tight muscles. Simply hold the handle of the massager and work the head over your body. The pro massager deeply penetrates your muscles, giving you an invigorating & relaxing pro massage. With Eurossage, you choose the force and speed of the massager. There are five levels for you to choose from. At the fastest level the massage heads move up and down 3000 times per minute. The Eurossage Pro weighs approximately 8 pounds. It measures 18 inches long. Each of the three massage heads are two inches wide. Eurossage Pro is a effective FULL BODY MASSAGE that RELAXES and INVIGORATES.

Comparable Price $99.90
WTW Price $67.49